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Tristan V. Voth-Stonger, MD

Pain is often a symptom of an injury - but when you have chronic or debilitating pain, it becomes the disease that needs to be cured.
The good news is that with today’s surgery techniques, many of common painful issues can be addressed to some degree.

You don’t have to put up with pain anymore!

Dr Voth-Stonger can help you to strengthen joints and muscle with targeted low-stress exercises. For more serious issues, you can elect for surgery to provide an effective solution.

Get the strength to get back into the world

  • Accidents, falls, and workmen’s comp
  • Post traumatic back, spine and joint surgeries
  • Arthritis, painful hand, and nerve deformation
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Foot, heel, and spur
  • Hand, nerves, and arm
  • Numbness

Controling your can be as simple as calling Tristan V. Voth-Stonger, MD today at 765-472-7700 to set up your appointment or stopping by 2920 McIntire, Ste 150 right here in Bloomington.

Pain Management - Bloomington, IN - Tristan V. Voth-Stonger, MD
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